honey bee health management, Speaking about bees and agriculture

Bees and agriculture – this is a large topic. You want to get an overview on the chances and challenges for bees in agriculture? Need a bee expert’s opinion on current developments and situation of honey bees and non-managed pollinators in Europe? Then BeeSafe is the right contact point: my incentive is to search for practical solutions, to “translate” bee science to get the discussion back to the factual level. I give talks at events, keynotes at meetings and I’m also available for discussion rounds dealing with bee health and agriculture. I make bee science accessible. Without simplifying.

Topics include:

  • Bees: Pollinators for agricultural crops and economic importance.
  • Bee diversity and bee nutrition in the agricultural landscape.
  • Insect decline: The individual, community and political level of conservation.
  • Bees and pesticides: Different challenges for honey bees and non-managed bees.
  • Influence of farming systems on bee diversity.

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