Bee Diversity

There are more than 20,000 bee species worldwide, each of them with different life-histories. Most bees are solitary and live in regions with Mediterranean climate. There are bees that forage on many different plant species, others are specialists for only a few or even single plant species. We need every single bee species – and all other pollinators – to keep ecosystems stable. Only the diversity ensures that all plants that rely on them get pollinated. There’s no “one-fits-it-all” species, one pollinator doesn’t replace the other. Bees are fascinating and I want to transmit this fascination for bee diversity.
What I talk about:

  • How and where bees live.
  • Why we should care about all bees.
  • How we depend on pollination and we need all pollinators.
  • What bees need and what everyone can do.
  • Threats and conservation

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