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From leading through the registration processes, efficacy studies for varroa treatments to learning about bee health.

Struggling with bee health…

  • … because you’re not sure about the studies you still need for the registration process of varroa treatments in the EU?
  • … as you don’t know how to perform efficacy studies, dose determination, or other pre-clinical or clinical studies?
  • … because you wonder about the consequences of the latest EFSA guidance for your product?
  • … and want to learn how to improve it?

Bee health is complex – and needs science-backed solutions and expertise to maintain it.

Work with BeeSafe

Regulation bee health products | BeeSafe
  • Clinical and pre-clinical studies
  • Feeding studies
  • Monitoring of higher tier risk assessment
EFSA bee guidance, pesticides, bees, pollinators, Regulation plant protection | BeeSafe
  • Roadmaps for the registration process
  • Expert Reports
  • Science communication
Darwinian beekeeping, Honey bee diseases - Course | BeeSafe
  • Online courses
  • Ebooks
  • On-site trainings

BeeSafe, that’s me:
Dr. Claudia Garrido

All my career was dedicated to bee health – starting with nest parasites of a solitary bee species, over studying varroa biology, to monitoring higher tier studies. I offer my expertise on and for bee health for science-backed studies and consultancy. In the BeeSafe Academy you can learn about bees and how to keep them healthy.

What to expect from BeeSafe

  • You get 30 years of expertise in bee health.
  • Science-backed consulting and studies without missing out on the important little details.
  • I put your studies in context of the whole picture – for better evaluation of the data.
  • “You have a vocation to teach!” was one of the best compliments I ever got. I make bees accessible. At any level.

Latest blog posts

In my blog, I make bee science accessible – without simplifying. I explain and comment bee science and talk about different bee topics.

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