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BeeSafe Academy

Knowledge and training are the cornerstones for healthy bees. This is why the BeeSafe Academy was born.

If you want to know what bees need to stay healthy, you’re at the right place. This place will fill up with different courses, ebooks, checklists… The BeeSafe Academy is meant to be a safe place to learn about bee health and bee biology. For now, it will be only self-learning materials. In the future, I’m planning on Q&A sessions to give you also more direct support. Stay tuned for that.

This ebook gives you a comprehensive overview on what healthy honey bee colonies even means.

You’ll learn a new approach to bee health and how good practices make sure that small issues don’t add up.

Obviously, there’s also a part about the main honey bee diseases and how to approach them. But this isn’t a list of diseases and indications. The Bee Health Compendium is meant to help you to get a better observer and continuously improve your practices.

The BeeSafe Academy is for advanced beekeepers and vets. It’s for those who need some guidance and more in-depth information. Beginners or a general public need to start at a different point. This may change in the future. But at the moment these are the groups I can serve best.

In addition to the digital information you can see here, you can also book me for real life talks and courses. Just contact me for more info!

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