General Indications

This privacy policy informs users about the utilization of their personal data when visiting the BeeSafe site. Personal data are all data that identify you (name, email address etc.). More information is given in the detailed privacy policy below.

Data collection on the BeeSafe website

Who is responsible for the data collection on this website?

The data on this site are collected and processed by the site operator. The contact data are indicated in the imprint.

How are your data collected?

On the one hand, you may tell us your data, e.g. by filling in the contact form. Other data are collected automatically when you visit the BeeSafe site. These are mainly technical data (Browser, operating system, date and time of the access etc.). As soon as you access the BeeSafe site, these data are collected.

For what does BeeSafe use your data?

Your data partly are used to ensure you a correct and safe visit on the site of BeeSafe. Other data may be used for the analysis of your user habits.

You always have the right to get information about the origin, the recipient and the purpose of processing your personal data. You also have the right to ask for correction, blocking or cancellation of your data. You can always contact BeeSafe via the information given in the imprint. In addition, you have the right to complain at the supervisory authorities.

Analysis tools and tools from third parties

When you visit this site, your surfing habits may be used for statistical analysis. This happens with cookies from analysis programs. This analysis is generally anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you. You have the right to contradict this analysis or to block it with specific tools. More information is given below.

General indications and mandatory information

Data protection

The operators of this site take your privacy very seriously. We respect your data and treat them with confidentiality and according to thBese data protection legislation and this privacy policy.

When using this site, several personalized data are collected. Personalized data are data that help to identify you. This privacy policy explains which data are collected and for what purpose they are used. It also explains the reasons and purposes of this data collection.

We inform you that data transmission via internet (for instance by email) can have security vulnerabilities. A gapless protection against the abuse by third parties is not possible.


Responsible for the data collection and processing on this site is:

Dr. Claudia Garrido

D-59071 Hamm/Westfalen, Sundernstr. 1, Germany

Phone: +49 174 2060967

Email: claudia.garrido@bee-safe.eu

The natural or legal entity deciding about the means and purposes of the collection and processing of the personalized data is responsible for this process.

Withdrawal of your consent for data processing

Several data processing procedures are only possible with your personal consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time. For this, you only need to contact us via email informing us about your decision. The legitimacy of the data collection performed before your withdrawal is not affected.

Right to appeal

In case of infringement, the affected person has the right to appeal at the competent authority.

Bundesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit

Husarenstr. 30

53117 Bonn

Phone: +49 228 997799-0

Email: redaktion@bfdi.bund.de

Right to obtain your personal data

You have the right to obtain your personalized data that have been collected with your consent or by fulfilment of a contract. This will occur to you personally or to an authorized third party in a common machine-readable format. In case you ask for direct transmission to another responsible, this will occur only in case of technical feasibility.

SSL encryption

This site uses SSL encryption for safety reasons. All requests you send to us via this site are encrypted in this way. You can recognize the encryption by the https:// at the beginning of the URL and the lock symbol in the browser line.

When the SSL encryption is activated, data you are transmitting to us cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Disclosure, blocking and cancellation

According to the legislation, you have the right to get information free of charge about your personalized data at any time. This includes the personalized data, their origin, the recipient and the purpose of collection and processing. You have the right to ask for correction, blocking or cancellation of your data. You can always contact the responsible of this site with further questions on this subject.

Data collection on this website


Websites use so-called cookies. Cookies do not harm your computer and do not contain viruses or malware. They serve for the user-friendliness of websites and, therefore, the user (e.g. your login data) and to make the use of the site more efficient and secure. Cookies are small text files saved on your device by your browser. These cookies are used to recognize you at your next visit.

In addition they help to assess statistical data on the usage of a website, which are analysed for statistical purposes. Users can deny or influence the usage of cookies. Most browsers offer an option to limit or block cookies. However, BeeSafe points out that this cuts back on the user convenience.


The provider logs data about every access on the BeeSafe website, so-called server-logfiles. The logged data include:

  • Name of the accessed website
  • date and time of the access
  • transferred data volume
  • report about the successful access
  • browser type and version
  • the operating system of the user
  • referrer URL (the previously visited site)
  • IP address

These data are not connected to other data sources.

The legal basis for data processing is GDPR Art. 6, Section 1 lit. f, permitting data processing in the context of fulfilment of a contract or procedures preceding a contract.

Contact forms

In case you contact us via a contact form on this site, your information is used exclusively to process your request and is saved for the case of following requests. We do not transfer your data to third parties without your consent.

The processing of your personalized data, therefore, occurs exclusively with your consent (GDPR Art. 6 Section 1 lit. a). You can withdraw your consent at any time. The legitimacy of the already performed processing procedures is not affected by your withdrawal.

Comments on this site

When commenting on this site (e.g. on a blog post) your comment is saved together with date and time of the comment, your email address and, if not posted anonymously, your user name. BeeSafe verifies comments before publishing to avoid any infringement like insults or propaganda. This type of comments is not published and deleted.

Comments and related data (e.g. IP address) are saved on this site until the content has been deleted on your request or for legal reasons (e.g. insults).

Saving of your IP address

Your IP address is saved when commenting on this site. This is a security measure for BeeSafe to be able to prosecute in case of infringement or abuse.

Legal ground

Saving of comments and connected information (e.g. IP address) is based on your consent (Art. 6 Section 1 lit. a GDPR). You can withdraw your consent at any time. An email is sufficient. The legitimacy of any preceding data processing is not affected by your withdrawal.

Handling of data (customer and contract data)

We collect, process and use personalized data only if necessary for the rationale, content or modification of the legal relationship (inventory data). This is based on Art. 6 Section 1 lit. b GDPR, permitting data processing for the fulfilment of a contract or preceding procedures.

Personalized data for the use of our website (usage data) are collected, processed and used, if necessary, to facilitate the usage of the service.

Collected customer data are deleted after completion of a contract or termination of the business relationship. Legal retention periods are not affected by this procedure.

Data transmission after contract conclusion

We transmit personalized data to third parties only in if this is necessary for contract fulfilment (e.g. the credit institution used for payments).

Further data transmission does occur only with your consent. We do not transmit your data to third parties for marketing or similar purposes.

This is based on Art. 6 Section 1 lit. b GDPR, permitting data processing for the fulfilment of a contract or preceding procedures.

Social Media

Plug-Ins for sharing content (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

The contents on this site can be shared according to data protection rules on social media like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn etc. The contact between the user and the social media is made only if the user actively clicks a button.

There is no automatized transmission of user data to the operators of these platforms. If the user is subscribed to a social media platform, a separate window opens and the user has to confirm the text for sending.

Our users can share content of this site according to data protection rules without transmission of their surf habits to the social networks.

Analysis tools

Google Analytics

BeeSafe uses Google analytics, a web analysis service from Google (Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland). Google Analytics uses cookies, which are saved on the user’s device to analyse the usage of the website. The generated information is normally transmitted to and saved on a Google server worldwide.

Google Analytics cookies are saved according to Art. 6 Sec. 1 lit. f GDPR. BeeSafe has a legitimate interest in the analysis of the usage of its site to optimize both its web services as well as its marketing activities.

Browser Plugin

You can block the saving of cookies with the settings of your browser. However, we inform you that in this case you may not be able to use all functions of this site. In addition, you can avoid the saving of data generated by Google cookies installing the following browser plugin: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=de

Objection against data collection

You can object to data collection by not accepting the usage of cookies in the footer when visiting this page.

You can find more information about the usage of personalized data in the privacy policy of Google: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=de

We have a contract with Google and implement the strict legal requirements by GDPR using Google Analytics.


The newsletter informs you about BeeSafe and its services. If you want to receive the newsletter, BeeSafe needs a valid email address and information to enable BeeSafe to confirm you as the owner of that address or rather that the owner agrees to the newsletter subscription. Other data are not collected. The data are used exclusively for sending the newsletter and will not be transmitted to third parties. The usage of your data needs your explicit consent (Art. 6 Section 1 lit. b GDPR).

With subscribtion to the newsletter BeeSafe saves your IP address and the date of the subscribtion. This serves only in case a third party abuses the email address and subscribes to the newsletter without the consent of the owner.

You can cancel your consent for the saving and usage of your data at any time. For this, you can use a link in the newsletter or by a notice to any of the contact information given above.

Transmission of newsletter data to MailChimp

For sending you the newsletter, BeeSafe uses the email-marketing provider MailChimp, Atlanta, USA. This service is certified to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

The subscription to the newsletter is voluntary. By subscribing, you agree to the transmission of your email-data to MailChimp. If you do not agree on this, you cannot use the newsletter service.

Your email address is assessed, saved and used to send you content about bees, BeeSafe’s services, webinars and courses.

The technical execution of contact data administration and sending the newsletter is operated by MailChimp. According to MailChimp, these data are not transmitted to third parties.

We have a Data Processing Agreement with MailChimp, in which MailChimp is obliged to protect our customer’s data and do not transmit them to third parties. You can find their privacy policy here: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/

Integration of services and contents from third parties

In certain cases, content from third parties is integrated into the BeeSafe website, e.g. YouTube videos, RSS feeds or similar information. This requires that the third party perceives the IP address of the user on the BeeSafe site. Without this information, these contents cannot be indicated properly to the user. BeeSafe makes an effort to use only contents from third parties which use the IP address only for the provision of the embedded information. However, BeeSafe has no influence on the policies of third parties and if they save the IP address for statistical uses. Whenever this is known to BeeSafe, we will inform our users about this.