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09/1990 – 02/1998 Biology, Master Degree at University of Bielefeld

02/1994 – 02/1995 Stage at Universidad de Concepción, Chile. Master Programm in Zoology.

11/2000 – 12/2004 PhD student at State Institute of Apiculture, University of Hohenheim ( Supervisor: Dr. P. Rosenkranz). Thesis on fertility regulation of Varroa destructor.

Professional Experience

06/1998 – 12/1999 Scientific assistant at the State Institute of Apiculture Hohenheim. Project on the bee fauna of the Botanical Gardens in Hohenheim and Mössingen.

11/1998 – 03/1999 Research stage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Reproductive behaviour of Varroa destructor on its original host Apis cerana (DAAD grant)

03/2000 – 05/2000 Second research stage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Granted by the Institute for Tropics, University of Hohenheim.

03/1999 – 03/2001 Collaboration at a state project (Ministry of Agriculture Baden-Württemberg) “Varroa Reinvasion”

03/2001 – 02/2004 Researcher at State Institute of Apiculture Hohenheim. Project on “Fertility Regulation of Varroa destructor” (German Research Foundation)

11/2001 – 12/2001 Research Stage in Ribeirão Preto, Brasilien

03/2004 – 11/2007 Researcher at Bee Institute Kirchhain, Coordination of R&D Project “Selection of varroa-tolerant bees” (Federal Ministry of Agriculture)

03/2008-12/2009 Freelance Activity, Consulting and Training in Apiculture, Consulting of Bayer CropScience in Bee Issues

01/2010-01/2011 Study Director at Rifcon GmbH

02/2011-12/2012 Study Director at Ibacon GmbH

Since 01/2013 Freelancer, BeeSafe (www.bee-safe.eu)