Services for bee related questions in pesticide registration

Risk assessment related to bees is becoming more complicated. In the recent years, there’s an increasing tendency to meet the complex biology of pollinators. Though most requirements refer to honey bees, also non-managed bees are getting into focus. There are two new OECD guidelines for laboratory tests for bumblebees. A semi-field test is on the way as well as guidelines for solitary bees.

BeeSafe supports you through the labyrinth of bee studies: finding data gaps, planning and monitoring bee studies that make sense and finding relevant information for your bee questions.


Meta-studies on bees in agriculture

BeeSafe reviews existing studies and current research and compiles everything to a comprehensive overview for the topics of your interest.

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Study monitoring

I monitor your bee studies. From the study plan, through the field phase to the reporting in hands of a bee expert in accordance to your needs.

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Speaking about bees and agriculture

Introductions to bee biology or keynotes on specific bee issues in agriculture.

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Consulting during the authorisation procedure

Support in answering the questions during the assessment by the authorities.

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