Veterinary services

Knowledge and training are the cornerstones for healthy bees. This is why BeeSafe offers a variety of courses, ebooks, and other resources about all subjects related to bee health.

If you want to know what bees need to stay healthy, you’re at the right place. For now, the materials are all in English. But stay tuned, Spanish, Italian, and German will follow soon.

In addition to the digital information you can see here, you can also book me for real life talks and courses. Just contact me for more info!

Courses and other resources

Bee health for vets

Introductions into honey bee health, bee welfare and the role of veterinarians

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Varroa treatments course

Varroa treatments course: the why, when and how to treat your colonies against the mite.

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Bee Health Compendium

Good management practices, Varroa treatments, hygienic and preventive measures: all to keep honey bee colonies healthy.

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Articles and brochures on bee health

BeeSafe writes about bee health and bee welfare. Up-to date information in articles and brochures for informing beekeepers, farmers and veterinarians.

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