varroa infestation resistance against varroa treatments

10 December 2021

Honey bee health is the main topic of my work. My concept of this has changed over the years. I started as a Master student looking at parasites of solitary bees. Then I made my PhD thesis on the reproductive regulation of Varroa mites. These things were quite separated for me, the common point being…

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bee research, sour cherry, pollination

18 May 2020

Bee research means being outside – at least in my case. For me, it also means travelling a lot. I do most of my studies in Italy and Spain. Sometimes also in other European countries like Austria, France or the UK. BeeSafe – i.e. my whole business – is built on my capacity to travel:…

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pollinator declines, habitat, bees

6 March 2020

Pollinator decline, especially bees, is still getting quite a bit of attention these days. However, an essential point still doesn’t get enough attention: Not all pollinators are the same. Not all regions are the same. Not every measure will have the same effect everywhere. This seems trivial if you’re dealing with this topic for some…

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26 May 2018

About a month ago, I told you about my roof terrace and my intention to transform it in a bee garden. It was in a somewhat pitiful stage after the winter. Especially the wind and the storms during the winter did some harm. But I did some work on it, and now it’s already looking…

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24 February 2017

Three years ago, it happened that I was in Andalucía in February. I arrived quite late the day before I had to work on a study in Lanjarón, near Granada. Due to the darkness, I did not realize that the mountains I drove up were covered by almond bloom. Driving to the apiary the next…

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19 November 2016

This was a very busy and demanding week. I was at the CREA-API in Bologna teaching at the yearly honey bee pathology course. This is not a regular course. In the institutes I worked in Germany, usually – depending on the topic – courses took one or two days. More or less teachers presented the…

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